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The Map of Unseen Things


Pine Row Press, 2023
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Praise for The Map of Unseen Things: 

Brett Warren is a major talent. This stunning collection is full of sparkling imagery, attention to detail, deep reflections on the environment, grief, joy, relationships. As a widely published poet myself and as a book reviewer, I don't often find collections to be "page turners," but this collection I read straight through, finding revelation on every page.

—Merryn Rutledge, author of Sweet Juice and Ruby-Bitter Seed


Each poem in The Map of Unseen Things is a gem. Brett Warren captures so precisely, in lyrical language, her hard-earned meditations on grief, loss, gratitude, and joy—all observed with unflinching honesty and grace. Many times, when reading these poems, I had to pause and catch myself—stunned at first, and then filled with wonder. Haunted and grateful, I return to them again and again, line by line, wanting to be immersed in such beauty, and to be spiritually restored anew.

—Patty Enrado, author of A Village in the Fields


Brett Warren’s beautiful collection, The Map of Unseen Things, is steeped in wisdom, honesty, and empathy. I was therefore willing—even eager—even happy—to follow her into the depths of sorrow and loss from which many of her poems arise. I felt as if I were looking into both a window and a mirror as I read, immersed in both compassion and solace. A rewarding, hopeful, expansive experience.

—Lauren Wolk, author of Wolf Hollow, Beyond the Bright Sea, Echo Mountain, and My Own Lightning



With cut-glass precision and crackling intelligence, Brett Warren takes us into the unseen yet familiar geographies of life—navigating a tempestuous world, moving through trauma and resilience, making peace with the brokenness of elders. Through it all, Warren’s fierce and attentive kinship with animals and the living world, with the beating heart of life itself, is the compass that guides her, and us, through The Map of Unseen Things.

—Mary E. Cronin, author of Like a Mama Bear

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